Business model and brand image for SC Promotion


SC Promotion

  • Art Direction
  • Back-end Development
  • Branding
  • Front-end Development
  • Graphic Design
Date 2017

SC Promotion is a young company offering support to cultural and sport organisations. Those often are driven through volunteering which results in unmotivated members, unkept finances and complicated transitions. To keep members engaged in more fulfilling aspects of the organisation SC Promotion offers to support the finance department in a collaborative way. The company came to us in order to create their brand image, improve their communication and help them innovate.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to conduct research on the field to obtain qualitative data, before we would initiate ideation phases. During this research we came to observe a potential danger to the viability of the company’s business model. The source of that danger: the lack of sponsorship, delay in payments and thus the lack of budget to unlock towards getting administrative help. Indeed, associations struggle to unlock budgets, feel reluctant to outsource tasks and often fear third-party contractors.

That being said, an important opportunity was also uncovered: by offering sponsorship and financing matchmaking services, SC Promotion could help increase associations budgets. This would allow these organisations to outsource administrative work to SC Promotion and create a virtuous circle in the development of the organisation (see models hereunder).

Among different steps we took to build the brand, we created a simple and communicative logo worthy of a dynamic startup. A logo system was created and various brand assets were put together to create a minimalistic brand guideline document.

We created a simple website, with a few essential pages. To support various storytelling bits we made fully scalable illustrations with a modern, flat look. These illustrations helped the visitors relate to the problematics depicted. The artworks could be used for print communication as well as digital, such as the website or even presentations.

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